Yes, this is what we hope to see (with all the letters) up on the marquee of the Uptown Theater in beautiful downtown Grand Prairie, Texas.

The contract is signed, and we are a go for the first weekend in November!  Check out the Gathering home page for more info.

Next will be finding the right hotel, seeing what we can dream up for the 10th Anniversary (ideas, anyone?), start collecting a roster of performers and luthiers, etc.

I just wanted to get this up as early as possible, so you all have as much time to plan as possible.

I’ve heard from lots of folks in the Midwest who say they can make the drive, so save your gas money, and let’s make this the biggest turn-out yet!

Thanks to Joe Morgan, for his efforts in negotiating what looks like an ideal venue for us.

This is history in the making, y’all!