I know it’s a “gaggle of geese” and a “murder of crows.”  But when these guys get together, is it “a Smattering of Schrammelgitarrists”?  Or a “Swarm”?

I only know we can’t call them a “Gathering,” since The Harp Guitar Foundation trademarked that (just keeping you on your toes).

All silliness and legal threats aside, I was delighted to see this photo from my friend Joachim Csaikl (top left).  The Viennese contemporary crowd appears to be discovering the joy of harp guitar community (or in their case, kontragitarre kommunity).

Joachim you all know by now as the “up and coming” harp guitarist/singer/songwriter who appeared on the last two Harp Guitar Music compilations.

I also spotted two familiar faces (did you?) – Emmerich Haimer and Martina Engel.  A while back I received (and stocked) their first Profundkontra CD, UI.

Rounding out the jam session are two I had also heard of  – Kurt Obermaier (bottom left), who plays his Schrammelgitarre with a flat-pick, and Michael Eipeldauer (right), who restores, rebuilds, re-imagines, and builds all types of Viennese-style harp guitars.  Note his modern instrument with 8 strings on the neck.

Looks like fun, and a beautiful place, Viennese brethren! (and sistren)