You all remember Iwan Hasan from Jakarta, I expect…he’s the one-time student of John Doan, who played his similar 1991 21-string John Sullivan harp guitar on the very first harp guitar compilation CD, Beyond Six Strings.

At left is a more recent concert appearance.

Last November, Iwan wrote me about the influx of a new generation of Indonesian harp guitars.  In just a few short months, these now number four – all custom instruments, and each by a different luthier!

This one is Iwan’s latest, the first harp guitar built in Indonesia, a solidbody acoustic-electric.  It was made between 2008 and 2010 by Sulis and Wada, with a piezo pickup by Bone Custom Gitar.  It has 21 strings with levers on the super trebles.

The first of the recent projects is this all-nylon-strung, 18-string harp guitar built in Bandung, Indonesia by Zakki.luthier guitar workshop for Rene Nessa.

Here’s the first video…I’m not sure who’s playing in the video (Iwan, please let us know!).

In addition, there are two more unique Indonesian harp guitars that I believe are completed.  There is also a second Zakki with 16 steel strings (2 fewer subs) that appears here…I’m not sure if this is in addition to the instruments Iwan mentioned.

I’m hoping Iwan and these other builders and players chime in, so I can add them to this blog and their country’s ongoing harp guitar story!