…and we’re off!

The Sprinkle family (Randall, Jayne, Noah & Caleb), our excellent hosts for the 13th annual Harp Guitar Gathering, held a small get together Thursday night for those of us who had arrived in town a day early.  Jaci and I were nearly the last ones to arrive; we had dropped off our luggage at the hotel and picked up first-timer Tony Barnard, just in from London.  Music and merriment was in full swing when we arrived!

L-R: Bruce Labadie, Benoit Meulle-Stef, Steve Silva, SB, Randall, Paul Price, Caleb

Nancy Bennett and Joe Morgan catching up

Nancy B and Jaci my wife waste zero time falling into old habits…

…while some of the boys talk shop

Noah, Jayne and Randall (Joe behind)

Poor Frank Doucette had to spend the evening on the back porch due to his allergy to the Sprinkle cats lurking about the premises.  When they remembered, the occasional guest would take out some bread and water for the guy.

SB demonstrates a tune for Steve as Tony Barnard, Steve Farmer, Paul and Tony Karol stare transfixed.

Instruments are passed around with abandon.

While everyone was distracted, I snuck off to noodle on Jayne’s concert harp (with permission, as it’s not something one is supposed to do with acrylic nails on one hand!).  The harp is indeed a magical instrument ― not having touched mine for 20 years I was immediately flummoxed…but mesmerized as I labored to eke out an old tune.

I hadn’t noticed that the whole house had gone completely silent and when I struggled to a close and looked up, there was a rapt audience as stunned and surprised as I was!  It was a strange and emotional out-of-body experience ― what a way to start the Gathering!

Next: A special report from a first-time Gathering attendee!

Photos courtesy of Linda Morgan, Jayne Sprinkle, Bruce Labadie, Benoit Meulle-Stef