Following his special appearance at the 13th Harp Guitar Gathering last October, the uber-talented Phil deGruy disclosed the news that he was having a new iteration built of his invention the Guitarp.  The special luthier he found was Vince Guidroz, “a humble man whose name is hard to find on the web, biz cards, etc.”

Earlier this month, he emailed me a virtual cigar to announce his bouncing baby girl.

Per Phil, “her name: Cedar-Mahogany Rush, weight: 7 lbs.!!!  This baby SINGS.”

Other physical characteristics:

  • Carved top and back
  • Top: Port Orford Cedar
  • Back: Mahogany
  • Sides and back of neck: Rosewood
  • Fretboard and top of head: Ebony
  • 7-string pickups designed by Steve Blucher of DiMarzio
  • Transducer pickups on harp bridge by Richard Barbara

Enjoy these hot-off-the-press photos.  Asked about that intricate and bizarre super treble hardware, he simply said “the treble tuners are hard to explain…”


He adds “I just look at it and the harmonics spill out…”

Can’t wait to hear her, Phil!