The 15th Anniversary Harp Guitar Gathering is officially underway!

First step: The proper logo.

This year’s illustration (yes, our “logos” have grown way beyond that meaning!) was designed and executed by Sebastien Solignac.  He’s the graphic designer who’s done Stephen Bennett’s last couple CD covers and also Andy McKee’s home page moving illustration.  I loved those Beatles covers, and the stylized Dr. Seussian cartoonish lunacy of Andy’s graphic is right up my alley, so I really wanted to explore the option.  My wife Jaci and Frank Doucette agreed and so we turned Sebastien loose, with just a couple of broad concepts (it turned out that he was super excited to do this for us).

During the back and forth tweaking Frank and I initially found ourselves trying to identify which instrument was which (I had given Sebastien about 20 options).  And so it occurred to me that others will invariably be trying to do the same thing.  So why not have some fun with it?!

Contest Rules:

  • No spoilers (no public discussion of guesses)
  • Download the Excel Contest spreadsheet, fill it in and email to with “Contest” in subject line.
  • You have 1 month. Entries must be received by April 30.
  • Column 1 should be pretty easy, so move on to Column 2 and if you like, 3 and 4 for “extra credit.”
  • Yes, in the event of a tie, the judges (Jaci, Frank and I) will vote on the best (or our favorite) overall answers in all columns.
  • I assume that I needn’t point out that these very stylized harp guitars are not literal representations, so you can’t rely on string or bridge pin count of any neck or bank, tuner counts, fretboard inlay, etc.
  • Winner will receive a free T-shirt at the Gathering (or mailed afterwards)…you need not be present to win!

Have fun!

Speaking of T-shirts, we plan to add pre-orders to the Registration Page.  This helps us with sizes and quantities and will save you a few bucks.

We’ve got most of our ducks in a row now; the HGG15 pages should be ready to go in another week or so!