Last weekend was a breath of fresh air in every way when we drove to Sedona, Arizona for a 5 day vacation with the Bennetts and Morgans (Stephen & Nancy; Joe & Linda, of Harp Guitar Gathering fame). While this blog is not harp guitar-related, they are…please enjoy at any rate!

I had been here with my family in 1997, the others had not. Even so, I had forgotten the scope and magnificence of the red buttes.

This outcrop gives new meaning to the term “town center”

Nancy by the wonderful Midgley bridge

From one of the many scenic overlooks

I remembered eating at Tii Gavo at the Enchantment Resort (my family looked it up). This is where we sat back then with this exact incredible view. My sister said it looked like they still had the same furniture!

We sat outdoors for this go-around. Superlative food and stunning scenery.

At Slide Rock State Park…

…where we were mesmerized by this.

Exotic flora on the hiking trails above

Mahogany-barked Manzanita

Alligator Juniper

We did not want to leave.

Before sunset, we drove up to the Airport Overlook, where the locals said was the spot for watching the sunset. It was, though cloud cover didn’t allow too much through that evening.

It was very handy having our Odyssey van. No splitting up in “boys” and “girls” cars; we were pretty much inseparable the whole weekend.

Sunday’s final outing was to the V-Bar-V Heritage Site. There were three main sites for petroglyphs – this was the only one we could get into without a reservation, and still managed to amaze and move us to speechlessness. The docent is pointing to a spot where nearly a thousand years ago the Sinagua Indians marked the seasons with shadow stones creating a solar calendar.

The carvings and symbols are still largely open to interpretation.

There was very little down-time this trip, but The Recliners were prepared, as always. Stephen brought his banjo, Joe a small Taylor; I had a harp guitar (which SB debuted a couple new tunes on) and – not just for fun, but remarkably practical – my Turturro Turnover, which allowed me to switch instantly between mandolin and ukulele.

Needless to say, besides the spiritual, introspective sharing, there was much in the way of sophomoric shenanigans, epic laughter and so many incidents that must understandably go with us to our graves…

We highly recommend it.