Here’s a courtesy news flash for those who aren’t on Facebook (and following me there)…

That popular player of his unique 19-string arch harp guitar, James Kline, has released a brand new 10-tune instrumental CD, available only at his shows or in the United States at Harp Guitar Music.

Getting copies has become more difficult and much more expensive, so we’ve adjusted pricing accordingly. Jim’s CDs are always in high demand; his first small batch sold out immediately to Facebook friends, but I’ve got received another batch. Click here to order.

UPDATE: I’ve received authorization from Jim and have now digitized this album as WAV files, which can be sent to fans for the same price. Please email for details.

There’s a lot of other new music out there, but nearly all of it consisting of videos on FB or YouTube. Of the very few new “album” releases, most of them are digital, and I’ve stopped carrying the few other rare CDs out there (eg: Andy McKee, and Jon Pickard’s got a new one about ready).