Regrettably, for the first time in forever, we were simply unable to get to our annual Christmas card for 2022. We had even gathered all the fabric and props for a Renaissance-theme, which 15-year-old Maezi was totally into exploring on the bed. She didn’t even mind trying on her different crown options. She’s a trouper despite her declining health. So much has happened in our recent lives, culminating in Jaci’s long-overdue knee surgery performed 12 days ago. (So, a very painful, low-key Christmas for her, and at her beck and call pretty much 24/7 for me). Thus, with 70-degree Southern California weather tempting us outside, we three find ourselves – like the majority of the country – hunkered down inside for these holiday weeks, queuing up a lot of holiday TV movies. Our best to you all – stay warm, safe and joyful.