Harp Guitars Rock!

And in this case, literally.  Just finished the graphics for the new Stephen Bennett CD, which we’re jointly putting out under my label.  This image is the (free inside!) “mini rock poster.”

If you’re too young to get the title gag, you’ll still seriously dig the music.  This will be a virtual feast for Baby Boomer ears (those of us who grew up listening to, and even playing, these tunes) – but all generations might be familiar with the majority of these songs, which they still play on various Classic Rock radio stations.

I’ll save my rave comments for the press release, but can tell you that this will be one historic album!  (It’ll be out by the Gathering)

  1. sb Says:

    Gregg’s right, folks! It’s a fun cd!

  2. Jason Carter Says:

    Looking forward to hearing that guys, looks cool! Shame i cant get to the gathering this year, i will be in the Middle East, but will try and schedule for next year. Super blog by the way! Best wishes from Jason

  3. John Doan Says:

    Far out man! I always wondered what the words were to that song. Now I know that it was “In-A-Gadda-da-Stephen.” I look forward to hearing this recording.

  4. Pialat Bernard Says:

    Hippy, Happy time ;O)
    I play pop sometime whis my HGuit, people love this look

  5. Dennis Mitchell Says:

    So, do we get a 15 minute sub-bass solo?????? *~) Can’t wait to hear it Stephen!

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