T.V. or Not T.V…THAT is the question

Well, we managed to do it again!  (I’m referring of course to the 8th Harp Guitar Gathering)

Jaci and I had no problems getting out of Indy this morning (and again, no oversize charge for the Case Xtreme, even though Delta now has a new $175 fee [Scott got hit with it on the way there]).  Not sure how long we’ll be up, as we have never been so wiped out.

I’ll of course add more over the next days, weeks, months…for now, here’s the first video.

We went to bed sometime after midnight Thursday…Stephen Bennett and Nancy still hadn’t shown up, driving 13 hours from CT.   We hit the ground running Friday AM for live T.V. (my first ever live spot, I think).  Not something you want to tackle after a couple hours sleep in a different time zone.  I see now that I called the Dyer a “1900-year old guitar.”  Oh well, close enough.  Their only technical glitch was labeling me “President of the Harp Guitar Gathering,” rather than the Foundation.  Stephen is of course an old pro – he can play harp guitar in his sleep (and may have been).  And Brad did a fantastic job on the AVC, considering he was starting the event already running on fumes.  But the show must (and did) go on!

  1. Carter Lancaster Says:

    Personally, I believe that the level of playing (and players) was the highest this year of any gatherings I have attended. There were many players that stood out, but overall I truly believe this year (in terms of performance) was the best yet. I was and (continue to be) honored to have been included in this event. Many thanx to Brad, Gregg, Jaci, Joe etc etc etc (I’m sure I’m leaving some people out) for making this the best gathering to date. Can’t wait till next year! Anyone interested in the Harp Guitar (on any level) absolutely HAS to make it to this event. Thanx again to everyone!!!!!!!

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