HGG8: The Concert Performers

This was one of biggest turnouts of many “regulars,” two new featured performers (Philippe Fouquet and Brian Torosian), and a couple we haven’t seen in a long time (Dan LaVoie and Bill Dutcher).  West Coast-only Jeff Titus even drove all the way from California with Oracle (not sure who got the front passenger seat – Bina, or the instrument).

I did M.C. duties Saturday night and had a blast (some might say too much so…) while Stephen did Sunday.

I also did a pre-show Crash Course in Harp Guitars.

This year the entire Miner family (sans niece Lauren and nephew Charlie) was in attendance.

L-R: Don West (my sister’s husband), my brother Mark, his wife Barb, Jaci, me, Mom, my sister Kris, Dad, Sarah (Don & Kris’ daughter)

In alphabetical order (by first name), these fine folks played in one or the other, or both, public concerts:

Andy Wahlberg
(w Dyer)

Bill Dutcher
(w Davis)

Host Brad Hoyt
(w Sedgwick AVC)

Brian Torosian
(w Brune Scherzer copy)

Carter Lancaster
(w Dyer)

Dan LaVoie
(w Holloway)

Dave & Tone Powell (aka: Rex James duo)
(w Tonedevil 12-string HG)

Drew Baldwin
(w Dyer)

Jeff Titus, playing duets with Brad on piano
(w Carlson harp-sympitar)

John Doan
(w Brunner OHG)

Gregg Miner
(w Merrill)

Muriel Anderson
(w Doolin)

Pete Bradshaw
(w Wingert)

Philippe Fouquet
(w Brunner OHG)

Scott Burwell
(w Holloway)

Stacy Hobbs
(w Noble)

Stephen Bennett
(w Dyer)

Tom Shinness
(w Gibson)

Thanks again to Linda Warburton, Dan Pease, and staff photographer Brian Shaw for photos!

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