I have to say that this was a lot of fun for me…

…and 3 other readers.  Yes, in the 30 days of the worldwide public contest, we got exactly three submissions.

And all 3 are winners – just for playing!

Winner #1 is my brother, Mark with 15.55 points (no, we didn’t have a “family members not allowed to enter” clause, and I was as surprised as anyone that he was paying this much attention).

Winner #2 is Michael Schreiner with 13.1 points – who has been to (every?) Harp Guitar Gathering and is a dedicated site reader.

Winner #3 is Adam Werner with 2 booby prize points – he answered just two of the 15 (#1 and 15), but got them right!

All three gentlemen will receive a free T-shirt, but – (Adam) – must be present to pick up your prize!

Yes, we’ll have your T’s at the Gathering in October.  While you wait, you can peruse the right and wrong answers by clicking on image.