And MORE 8-strings (plus the odd 7…)

There were a couple responses to yesterday’s blog, including some new information from Jake (no last name…comment-posters, if I don’t know you, please include your last name, as an introduction – thanks!).

Refer first to his comment at the end here – to which I’ll reply via a new blog:

Thanks, Jake! – this is what I’m after – all of you out there helping to fill in the gaps.

Bernd Kresse (and his Ries copy, at left) has been on our Luthier page from the beginning, and wasn’t a part of my Czech focus, so that’s why he was left out (tho I could have snuck in a mention I suppose).

Eric Hofmann (who is on the Luthier page with a modern instrument, but nothing historical) apparently never “sent me the memo” about his own 8-string Stauffer copy (left).

So, a reminder of my Luthier Call to Arms: Please keep me posted about your “extra string” builds!

Finally, Canada’s Scot Tremblay (a name I’ve heard from time to time): I guess I had no idea he had delved into this world (with his own Stauffer 8-string below).  He’s another for the Luthier page, having done a beautiful Lacote heptacorde. as well.

< Scot’s Stauffer and his Lacote:

Anyone else out there…?

  1. Jake Says:

    Regarding Scot Tremblay… you’ll be happy to hear that he’s decided to build an 11-string Scherzer

    Oh and David Schramm is making a 10-string Scherzer:

    It looks like the romantic guitar is catching on.
    By the way… I find your website interesting, but mildly amusing… 6 string is a big NO-NO! But 7 string is “just OK”.

    I’m from a romantic guitar background and for me there are no string-number restrictions: I like a 15-string Contraguitar just as much as a historic 5-string (precursor to the 6-string!).

  2. Gregg Says:

    Thanks, again Jake with no last name. Nice to hear the latest.

    Yes – even we here at find the “Meets Minimum Requirements” harp guitars like the Heptacorde mildly amusing. But rules are rules! (Organology is organology).
    You did see the “Harp-” at the top of every page of the site, right?
    Still, glad you find it “interesting.”
    If you check out my collection and Christmas CD project, you’ll see that even 1 string is enough for me as well. But that’s for a different web site…

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