new harp guitar style, that is.

Here is the just-completed new batch of re-designed Outdoor Harp Guitars from Luke Brunner.  I try to avoid too much sales pitch on this blog (especially without any payola!), but it’s no secret that I raved about the first Brunner travel HGs back in March, 2009.  As you recall, Philippe Fouquet (at left) instigated the whole thing (and got the first one; I bought and sold #2 & 3), and is now getting a new one, as is Canadian Frenchman Claude Laflamme (right).   In fact, they’ll probably have them by the time you read this!

Both of theirs have the eight Doan-style super trebles; Claude’s is redwood and walnut, Philippe’s is cedar and rosewood with bevel.  The new design features a single dual neck (if that makes semantic sense) that is much sexier than the previous separate double necks.  Not only that, but Luke says these are lighter and more compact than the previous version.  Check out the Steinberger bass tuners (Luke, I hope these will accommodate my new DR Standard Tuning sets).

The others in the first production batch – with and without trebles – look similarly nice; here are some details:


Asking about any tonal differences, Luke replied “Yes, I modified my flying top construction and replaced the second layer inside with what I now call the ‘Dynamic Curved Bracing System’.  They are more alive, louder and (have) more response than the first ones.”

Hard to imagine these things sounding any better, but so he claims; I’m anxious to hear ‘em!