The Antoine Dufour of the Arpa Viola Caipira

That would be Brad Hoyt.  The Arpa Viola Caipira (or “AVC” for short) is, as you probably know, the harp guitar “cousin” that he invented (with the help of luthier Steve Sedgwick).  Of course, as Brad remains the only known owner and player of the AVC, we could pretty much call him the “(Fill-in-the-blank with any noteworthy artist or celebrity) of the AVC.”  But I invoked Antoine’s name because I’m reminded a bit of his style and coolness factor in Brad’s AVC solo submission for the next Harp Guitar Music compilation.  A gifted pianist and composer (check out Together Alone), Brad’s also quickly becoming a harp guitarist to reckon with.  And on this new piece he’s kicking some serious musical butt (crude terminology, I know, but true in this case).

I just spent most of last night with his final arranged demo.  It’s definitely a go – we were just fine tuning some bits to achieve a higher Coolness Rating.  That’s the simple and single goal for every song on this project (I played Scott B a few of the finals the other night, and he noted that while every piece is completely different from the next [the whole point], the common denominator was that every piece is very cool [the real point]).

It remains to be seen how the higher-strung, sparkly AVC will hold up against the Dyer-laden surrounding tracks, but should be interesting.

For Further Reading on the unique AVC:

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  1. Ken Bonfield Says:

    As someone who has designed 5 of my 6 performing guitars with Alan Carruth and recently Jeff Bamburg, I found this a wonderful piece. I love collaborating with luthiers in hopes of creating something new and inspiring, and Brad hit the golden ring with this design, and Steven created a beautiful instrument-really amazing considering it was the first ever made. I was a total newbie to harp guitar playing at HG8 when Brad graciously placed this instrument in my hands and I could do nothing with it, but I look forward to the next opportunity. It’ll be harder to take from me the next time.

    Cheers, kb

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