Dyer 3 x 6

…which is to say, that the sixth specimen of the rare short-scale Style 3 (also “Type 3”) Dyer harp guitar just came to light.

An extra bonus is the nice, clear label: “Style 3” and “No. 610” – which fits right in with the Dyer numbering scheme that continues to coalesce.

Even better is the provenance: No hard evidence, but family lore that puts the instrument squarely where I would predict.  Yes, another original, single family instrument!  Currently owned (and treasured) by Jim Kempton, it belonged to his grandfather, who “bought it about the time he got married, which was in 1909.”

Note where #610 is placed in the Timeline matrix at the bottom of the Dyer Dating page: In two of the columns (including the last, Timeline D, the scenario I currently favor) it is c.1908 – the perfect construction date one would expect for a Dyer purchase “about 1909.”  I wish the family could be positive, but this is pretty compelling “hearsay” nevertheless!

In other Dyer news, I just listed a cool early Style 7 for sale.

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