First Harp Guitar Build of the New Year

That’s news I’m still waiting for…I wonder who and what it will be?

Meanwhile, the first new discoveries of the year are a wonderful series of historical reproductions (some with a twist) by Bernhard Kresse.   Readers may remember his Ries copy from my blog of March 29th.

Today, after getting his Neujahr email, and his announcement of a new web site (in both German and English), I took a look and found four new beautiful instruments of the floating string variety, so his listing on the Luthier page now includes 5 instruments.

Especially interesting is his contemporary twist on the c. 1860 Scherzer model, “designed according to customer’s request.  The seventh string running over the fingerboard and the installation of half-tone-levers enable the player to serve Baroque literature.”

And check out those sharping levers!

Looks like beautiful work, Bernhard!

I hope some of your customers let us know what they’re doing with these special instruments.

  1. Benoit Says:

    He is really GOOD! and about 2 hours from my door!

  2. Dave Powell Says:

    Wow, we have a request to make one of these and this is similar to what I drew up as plans, it is great to see how he did the headstock on this one. getting the harp strings on the same plane as the guitar strings proves a difficult challenge. Are these called “Romantic Guitars” also?

  3. Gregg Says:

    Which one of “these” Dave? You doing nylon-strung? Yes, the “Early Romantic Guitar” era (however nebulous) covers these instruments, but more importantly, their music.

  4. Dave Powell Says:

    Thanks for clarifying, no, our request is for steel strings on this type of design (non hollow arm), and likely using regular guitar tuners.

  5. Thomas Nielsen Says:

    One thing’s for sure; it is difficult not to pick up a few Johann Schrammel scores at the local library and rehearse like mad, when seeing a wonderful instrument like this. It is absolutely flabbergasting (can I say flabbergastingly beautiful?).

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