Harp Guitar Form 1a
by Gregg Miner
Updated August, 2023

Theorboed Headstock harp string attachment, Extension has no support.
Extension is pronounced, and emanates upward, to the side, or in a compound bend in "swan-neck" theorbo fashion.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  Please understand that many of the instruments on this page were not originally referred to as "harp guitars."
To understand why they are classified as such today, it is imperative that you first thoroughly read and comprehend the site author's thesis.

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Deleplanque, France, 1782 Feivez, 18th century Anon, France, 18th century Anon, France, c.1760?

Gaetano Guadagnini, Torino Italy, 1834 J. A. Stauffer, c.1837
(collection Brigitte Zaczek)

Label reads:
Nach der neuesten Verbesserung

Johann Georg Stauffer
verfertigt in Wien
Anno 1848 Landstr.572
Nikolaus Georg Ries, Vienna, c.1840
(collection Brigitte Zaczek)
Anton Fischer, c.1845
(collection Brigitte Zaczek)
Schenk, c.1845

Joseph-Alexis Tournier, Paris Tournier (att)
Composer Saint-Saen's personal guitar 
Thibouville-Lamy, Paris c.1900

Beuscher, Paris, 1920s?

 D.& A. Roudhloff, London, c.1840

Wilhelm Geittner, c.1845
from what is now Wrozlaw, Silesia (Poland)
Kaltenbacher Austrian, c.1900

Halbmeyer Quintbassogitarre,
Hauser Quintbassogitarre, 1922
| copyright 2004 | Wildner AG
Quint bass:
Willy Ködel, Amsterdam?
See also Featured Harp Guitar Player of the Month, July, 2004 Additional images

Peter Harlan, Markneukirchen, 1925 Jos. Martin, Würzburg Lorenz Kriner, Stuttgart, Germany,
Wilhelm Kruse, Markneukirchen

Meinel & Herold, Markneukirchen, 1940 Hess, Klingenthal Schuster & Co, Markneukirchen Heinr. Moritz Schuster, Markneukirchen Paul Stark, Markneukirchen Voight, Markneukirchen Zimmermann, Leipzig, 1899
(Russian harp guitar: 4/7)

A. Hornsteiner, c.1950 Unknown, German or Austrian, c.1860 Unknown, Saxony Unknown, German Unknown, Vienna, c.1870?

Gelas Unknown, Italy Gallesi, Rome

No idea how the basses were attached

Nor on this one

Giovanni Gelmini, Brescia,


Oreste Candi, Genoa, 1898

Porto, Sicily, c.1903

Innocente Rottola (for Monzino & Sons), 1906 Tullio Giulietti, Milan
(for Monzino & Sons), 1919 (5+6)
Additional images 1 2
Fratelli Masetti(Masetti Brothers), Modena, 1924, distributed by De Bernardi, Genoa
See also Masetti Harp Guitars

Settimio Gazzo, Genoa, 1917
See also Gazzo Guitars
Settimio Gazzo, Genoa, 1918
See also Gazzo Guitars
Francesco Poggi, Genoa
Mozzani, 1910-1940s
See also Mozzani Harp Guitars
Giacinti, Milan, c.1930

Italian, c.1800? Unknown maker. The right image opens up a collage of details.

Washburn, USA, 1897 Bohmann, USA, 1900s Gaetano F. Puntolillo, New York, c.1920

Vissenaire, Lyon, 1825 Robert Lotz, c.1850 Hans Raab August Schultz August Schultz, 1926?

Scherzer Halbmeyer, Munich
(additional photos and info here)
Unknown Richard Jacob, Leipzig, 1948 Mozzani, c.1910-1940s

Luciano Faria
(copy of c.1760 instrument above)
Peter Biffin, Australia, 1999 Michael Thames, USA, 2005 R. E. Brune, USA left-handed, c.1995 DiMauro, France

Steve Sedgwick, England, 2007 Alhambra Contreras Bernhard Kresse, modern copy based on Scherzer Heilli Rousu, Sweden
Rousu's instruments are more commonly found on the Fretted Harp Guitars page; originally, he "floated" them on a similar extension

Walter Stanul
Arch-Guitar made for Elliott Gibbsons
Walter Stanul
Arch-Guitar made for Peter Michelini
Jim Hewett, USA Fred Carlson, USA Unknown

Tim Donahue, Japan Masahiko Ohno, Japan Clive Batkin
Hey, whatever works!
Andy Manson, U.K.

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