Another incredible and diverse roster, with some old favorites, and new surprises.

Please enjoy my montage formats (they open up nice and big) of these great photos by our official photographer Chuck Thompson.

For this year’s new featured performers, please see the blogs on James Kline and Ed Littlefield, Jr.

Other featured performers this year (Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, or both) included:

Stephen Bennett, playing his Kathy Wingert

Muriel Anderson, with her 21-string Doolin

Andy Wahlberg, on his vintage Dyer.  Saturday playing his amazing “Sleighride” and Sunday doing “Cows with Guns”.

Mike Doolin on his new Mike Doolin!

Old favorites included:

Stacy Hobbs, on his vintage Stahl

Brad Hoyt, with his Sedgwick arpa viola caipira

The always-entertaining Drew Baldwin

Pete Bradshaw, playing his brand new Wingert short-scale (tuned up a half step)

Dave Powell played solo Sat night (on their new Tonedevil), and brother Tone joined him on Sunday, borrowing the Workman’s Dyer #125.

Frank Doucette, with his Wingert HG #1

Me on my Michael Dunn harp uke.  And yes, this is a first!…I sang (sort of…)

Surprises/Debuts included:

Nate Blaustein’s concert debut.  Congrats!

We were thrilled to have Claude Laflamme from Canada join our harp guitar ranks!  He is playing his recent Michael Pellerin harp guitar and is a great player and composer.  I think he’ll be back.

And a couple of harp guitar duos, which is always a treat:

Muriel and Andy performed “Nola”.

And Brad and Stephen closed the final show with “Across the Universe”.

And that’s a wrap!