And so our second Genoese Feast with a Side Dish of Milan comes to a close. (Last episode here)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a special friend: Silvia Minas, our fearless translator and tour guide from 2 years ago.  She stopped by for an emotional visit towards the end of our week with Franco.  Silvia – un giorno imparerò a parlare italiano!

Franco had a final dinner party Saturday, with the entire family and special friends, including Alberto and Luisella Basso, plus most others you have met during this series.  We all pigged out on farinata (look it up) – a favorite treat from the last visit, and all but impossible to find in the States.

Sunday morning we got up fairly early, as Jaci and I were all but ordered by everyone to go see the special Van Gogh and Gaugin exhibit down in the square at the Palazzo Ducale.  I was actually more inspired by a room with a charming, detailed model of the ground and gardens of Monet, surrounded by his work, while Satie played in the audioguide headphones.

We then took a leisurely last stroll through new alleyways back to Franco’s.

And Jaci’s very last…

…manhole covers


…and doors

Zooming in

Heading up the hill towards Franco’s, we again pass the home of Christopher Columbus…

…and the towering old city walls

Over the long, high bridge, with views of the harbor…

…where we could just make out a sailboat race

Nice life, huh?

Picking up Franco and Margherita, we set off again to meet the family for lunch.  He took us on yet another circuitous route, where we passed by church after church, each ancient and inspiring.

Zooming in

Then lunch with the family at their favorite seafood restaurant, and a final stroll…

…and family portrait.

One last time, our cast of characters: Jaci, Margherita, me, Franco Ghisalberti, his daughter Rosella, her daughter Giulia and husband Giorgio, and Giulia’s housemates, Bebe and Hiroki.

(until next time!)

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