After our final festivities at the Quinnipiac University Law School building on Sunday morning, we spent the lunch hour breaking down and setting back up a few miles down the street and up a magnificent hill to the Rocky Top Student Center.

These kids have it too good!  A beautiful location, in a very cool building, with a great view.  Check it out:

As you can see, it made for a lovely (if sometimes a bit noisy) venue for us.  Set list:

Co-host and Master of Ceremonies, John Thomas

Andy McKee
(Greenfield harp guitar)

Claude Laflamme
(Pellerin harp guitar)

Pete Bradshaw
(Wingert harp guitar)

Brad Hoyt
(Sedgwick arpa viola caipira)

Stacy (“Steampunk Stacy”) Hobbs
(Dyer harp guitar)

(Below) Either Stacy has holes in his head, or his Dyer has three arm soundholes…

Mike Doolin
(Doolin harp guitar)

Muriel Anderson
(Doolin harp guitar)


Bettie Swarts and Dan Pease
(fiddle, Dyer harp guitar)

Nate Blaustein
(Hewett harp guitar)

Stephen Bennett
(Wingert harp guitar)

Gregg (“Sir Gregory”) Miner
(Noble harp ukulele)

Dave Powell
(Tonedevil harp guitar)

Andy Wahlberg
(Dyer harp guitar)

And lest I forget, Sound Design by the ever-vigilant Joe Morgan:

This venue gave us yet another staging opportunity for our grand finale (you’ll want to enlarge pics)…watch:

Stephen starts things off…a couple make there way up…

We’re leaning over (it’s higher then it looks!), trying to hear SB, anything!

Those on stage were the lucky ones…

Those spread out above and on the stairs were each in their own audio world…we finally gave up listening and just tried to watch arms swinging to find a common  tempo (unsuccessfully).  But what a finish!

Next: Closing night – time to really party!

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