The first is for local L.A. residents who can stomach the traffic to the West Valley.  My first solo show in forever (so certainly an extravaganza for me!) – at the Woodland Hills Public Library at 3 pm September 17th.  I’ll bring a half dozen harp guitars for a free concert (hour+ of music and show and tell).  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.


Exactly 2 weeks later on Saturday, October 1st, I’ll be driving up to Santa Barbara to join the already-in-progress major new guitar festival, SBAIC!  After doing a quick demo for my friend Duane Noble, we’re all going to convene at 4:15 for a free 90 minute harp guitar concert and showcase.  There will be a half dozen great players and an equal number of harp guitar luthiers in attendance.  Instigated by Ken Bonfield, who had to bow out, I volunteered to step in to host what promises to be the largest harp guitar presence yet seen at a guitar festival outside the HGG.

I keep harping (unavoidable pun) on the point that 6-string players should be coming to experience the Harp Guitar Gathering.  So this will be an interesting experiment in reverse: bringing harp guitars to those stubborn 6-string folks so they can see what the fuss is all about!  There are many other great shows scheduled for this 3-day festival, and one can find additional harp guitar music sprinkled throughout.  Now that the reign of the Healdsburg festival is over, many are eager for this brand-new festival, the brainstorm of Kevin Gillies, to be a success.


Then, a scant 2 weeks after SBAIC, the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering convenes in Milford, CT, hosted by founder Stephen Bennett.  You’ve seen the roster, and of course a couple dozen more players of every level and style may spontaneously burst into (mostly instrumental) song at any moment throughout the weekend.

Again, every type of music fan is encouraged to attend not just the main concert, but the entire weekend, to experience non-stop mind-blowing instruments and music.  Discounted early Registration ends in 5 days!

No excuses this year – pick a coast and I’ll see you there!

PS: If emergencies keep you from attending any of the above, there is also Winfield show this month,  the Woodstock show after the Gathering (I know Stephen Bennett will be at both), and of course, just finished was Andy Mckee’s 2nd Musicarium, which I assume had its share of harp guitar…