Attendees at October’s Harp Guitar Gathering were treated to (among other things) a recent acquisition of mine – a beautiful 1932 Galimberti harp guitar, one of only two known by this maker.  No sooner did I get it safely back home than I received one of those emails I described in my emotional closing night speech – what I live for: an out-of-the-blue communication from descendants of some historical harp guitar player or builder.  This query was from – yes, you guessed it – the Galimberti family from Italy!

They were asking about the identification of an instrument: the one at left – not a Galimberti, but we’ll get back to it…it’s a doozy!  So one thing led to another, I asked for and received a short biography on Galimberti, and was treated to some family documents and photographs.  I’ve selected and formatted what I found of interest and created a new Historical Luthier of the Month article: Milanese Master Luthier Luigi Galimberti.

Whether you live in the States, Italy, or elsewhere, I hope you enjoy these discoveries!