Here’s a second look at the last Harp Guitar Gathering – #15, which I hosted and will post about myself one day!  Technically, it was hosted by The Museum of Making Music…and organized and run mostly by my wife, Jaci.  But I make a great figurehead.


This experience (presented in PDF form below) was written by the Powell brothers (herein calling themselves the “Tonedevil Brothers”) and their mom.  How cool is that?  Linda Marek (center) leads them off, and Dave Powell then takes over, reminiscing about the Gathering and the rest of their “working harp guitar vacation.”

Before I leave you, I wanted to mention something that I may have missed during the frenetic Gathering weekend (I was in another world), and so something the attendees might not have been aware of.  Early on, Dave & Anthony had generously agreed to my idea of donating one of their builds to be a hands-on demo instrument in the exhibit (where it’s been a popular attraction since the opening).  Thus, Tonedevil became a sponsor of the exhibit, the only one from our HG community.  After noticing that we inadvertently listed them with the “Lenders” in our exhibit catalog instead of their promised credit, Carolyn and the Museum staff made sure to give Tonedevil additional visibility and credit at the exhibit and its events.

Now, on to:

HGG15 as experienced by the Tonedevil Brothers and their mom, Linda Marek