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Man – keeping up this pace of about a short magazine article a day is getting difficult!  I need to come up with shorter blogs.

Here’s one.  Just a quick list of the latest videos folks have alerted me to…

The ever-prolific and creative Jason Carter keeps upping the ante in his vids.  The latest, “You Shine,” includes a “harp guitar headstock eye view” of the proceedings.

Andreas & Katja from Germany just posted a video of “A Guater Tropfen” at last year’s HGG7.  That’s Andy Wahlberg (in tights) doing sing-a-long cue cards offstage.  I noticed that browsing the “similar” videos down the right column leads to a whole bunch of Schrammelgitarre videos by all sorts of players.  BTW, Andreas now owns a new Brunner OHG travel harp guitar, so he can finally pursue the contemporary steel-string aspect (when he’s not doing his relentless ukulele and banjo gigs).

And Joe Morgan sent a link to one I hadn’t seen by the Sweet Hollywaiians (they have a bunch).  This is a terrific band in Japan, including a great Knutsen harp-uke strummer.  He contacted me way back, but I’m not sure if his uke is in our Inventory…any Japanese readers out there want to ask him for pics?!

  1. Darrell Says:

    I think the HU is a Dunn.

  2. Gregg Says:

    You’re right of course, Darrell. Looked on my temporary monitor like the Knutsen he had. It’s definitely one of the Dunns…

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