A Note from Blas Sánchez

Just got a reply to my newsletter from Mr. Sánchez.  He’s definitely someone I’d like to meet one day.  Originally from Spain, then living for years in France, he is apparently back in Madrid.  He’s been on the Players page for awhile, under Contemporary Players, as his “classical” repertoire is definitely more modern.  He has a remarkable series of similar harp guitars (or guitarrpas) by four different makers (he has his own whole row at the bottom of the Form 3 Gallery.

I thought you’d also get a kick out of this new image of his music room.

Blas writes:

“Hola amigo. ¿Has escuchado mi Salmo nº 2  a Pablo Neruda con mi Guitarrarpa?

Felices fiestas navideñas

Un fuerte abrazo, Blas Sánchez”

Google translation: Hello friend. Have you heard my Psalm No. 2 to Pablo Neruda with my Guitarrarpa?

Happy holidays

A big hug, Blas Sanchez

Click here on the green Play button to hear his new piece.

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