New Instruments, Part 2

OK, I had the day off and managed to go through all the old emails and folders from the last year and collate most of the new instruments and corresponding new builders.  They represent about 3 dozen luthiers in all (even more instruments), so I’ll tackle this in 3 stages.  First up, I’ve added most of the latest instruments from luthiers already on the Luthier page.  Later, I’ll add some of these to the appropriate Galleries as well.  In alphabetical order, they include:

Luke Brunner: He’s been going super-treble crazy!  I don’t yet have a good photo of Jason Carter’s, but added new instruments for David Lesak and John Doan.

Next, Fred Carlson’s amazing new Barikoto:

5 of Mike Doolin’s incredible recent year’s work:

An old one of Will Eatons:

And his 2 recent electric designs:

The 2 latest from Rich Mermer (still available for sale):

3 of Benoit’s latest (not all, I can’t keep up!):

The Powell’s latest Tonedevils – a 12-strings-on-the-neck and harp mando:

A modern instrument from Antonello Saccu:

A couple (not all) of Steve Sedgwick’s latest:

The latest 2 from Cedric Verglas:

David White’s last hollow arm (a multi-scale!):

Kathy Wingert’s “mini”:

Jim Worland’s new one, an “arch harp guitar”:

And last but not least, in the second “Occasional” luthier section is Linda Manzer’s insane new creation, the “Medusa”:

As you can see  – harp guitar design and execution continues at an all-time high!

Much more to come!

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