Christmas is Coming…

Christmas Present, to be precise.  Nearly 2 years in the making, this one is pretty special.

Frank and I are delighted to have ended up with somewhat of a “world music” flavor (both artists and material) for a very diverse mix of interesting, melodic and beautiful music.

And, of course, my stellar packaging and extensive, illustrated liner notes (with input from Frank and especially my art-degree wife, Jaci) – for the 5 people in the world who still buy physical CDs….

It’s finally off to the pressing plant, and should be here right around Thanksgiving.

Before I post the link to the listing (with sound samples), I again present the Harp Guitar Music Quiz:

Who are the 16 Harp Guitar Collective artists on this collection?
(Hint: everyone’s recorded instruments made the wrapping paper…)

First person (not in the loop) to guess all 16 wins a free CD!

  1. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    Do I get any credit for noticing 17 Guitars? I think I’ve got 10 including the obvious…FD, PB, SB, JD, BH, GM, TS, TD, PF, BT?, JK. But those 3 Dyer (copies) are simply too hard to pin down unless your name is Gregg.

  2. Gregg Says:

    You do! But only if you figure out why.
    You mentioned 11 and you’ve got all initials right so far. I’ll of course have to verify the actual names!

  3. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    Oh duh! MA of course…but those Dyers are killing me.

  4. Esimms Says:

    Jason Carter, Brian torosian, Muriel Anderson, mike Doolin, Stephen Bennett, frank Doucette, Antoine dufour, James Kline, don alder, Phillippe fouquet, Pete Bradshaw, Tim Donahue, Andy Wahlberg, Gregg miner, brad Hoyt, John Doan and Tom Shinness? I know that that’s an Alan Perlman guitar but it’s not James Kline? If I’m wrong about James Kline I’ll add in Carter Lancaster. I have to be good for at least 14!


  5. Gregg Miner Says:

    Sorry, Esau…3 wrong – but 14 right! (you beat Chris),…ah, but which are which?
    And that’s 17 – but only 16 players, don’t forget (why 17 instruments?)
    So you only need that answer, and 2 more players….
    Hint 2: It may help if you have both BSS & FBSS…
    Hint 3: Chris is very cleverly keeping his cards close to the vest, using initials in his first round (not giving them away to his competitors, but enough for me to figure out who he is referring to…for this round).

  6. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    um…17 because the Harp Mando and the Tree of Life are both yours? Clutching at straws here.

  7. Gregg Says:

    Absolutely right, Chris – not too difficult. Obviously I own both, and as far as I know, am the only one recording on either. Still, you get a CD just for figuring that clue out. I used the mando for a duet with someone that I am super thrilled about.
    With last clues and Esau’s help, surely you can finalize your list by now?

  8. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    WOOOHOO Thanks Gregg…Back to (real) work but you forced me to figure out the rest tonight. Thanks again! U da Pope.

  9. Esau Says:

    Bill Dutcher, Brian Torosian, Muriel Anderson, Mike Doolin, Stephen Bennett, Frank Doucette, Phillippe Fouquet, Pete Bradshaw, Tim Donahue, Andy Wahlberg, Gregg Miner(2), Brad Hoyt, John Doan, Jason Carter and Tom Shinness. That leaves one. I’m guessing Stacy Hobbs based solely on the fact that he already has a CD of Christmas music. A more educated guess would require digging BSS(Beyond Six Strings) and FBSS(Further Beyond Six Strings) out of my basement where they sit among 1200 others recordings since all of my music is on a wireless computer music server.

    Still don’t know why James Kline’s HG is represented since, per Gregg, JK is really JC.

    BTW, congrats Chris.


  10. Gregg Says:

    Sorry about my snafu, Esau. I deleted that “JK/JC comment”…as there are both!
    But not who you said.
    Though you added another correct one!
    Almost there!

  11. Esau Says:

    I see. So it’s not Jason Carter but Joachim Csaikl instead playing his Reisinger kontragitarre.. And James Kline is present and accounted for after all.


  12. Esau Says:

    And Bill Dutcher is correct and Stacy Hobbs is not. I think my work here is done!


  13. Gregg Says:

    We have a winner!
    Good job, Esau. With Chris Bucklen’s help of course.
    You’ll both be getting a complimentary CD when they arrive in a couple weeks.
    Now I can post the listing:

  14. Gregg Says:

    For those of you who are curious, here is how the 16 artists match up with their instruments:

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