Guitar Masters Southern Cal Tour

Frank Doucette and I played hooky Friday afternoon and drove up to Santa Barbara to see the current Guitar Masters tour with Andy McKee, Stephen Bennett and Antoine Dufour.  Needless to say the show was killer (we haven’t seen Andy play in quite some time).

Other L.A area residents made the trek as well – Scott Burwell, Jen and their friend Brian, and also two other unrelated McKee and Bennett fans we met there.

Decided not to disrupt with the flash, so didn’t get great pics:

SB (who came out 2nd), with the new Holloway US-made Style 4

Andy with the Greenfield.  I didn’t have an opportunity to check it out, but it sounded fantastic plugged in.  He played Into the Ocean and The Friend I Never Met.

Of course, the 3 played together for the last set – a tune by each.  A wall of acoustic guitar sound!

And the obligatory autograph/photo op with an endless line of fans of “rock star” McKee (with the other masters getting their own piece of the pie…).

Thanks to Andy’s success, and the growing popularity (and skills) of Stephen and Antoine, fingerstyle guitar continues to take over the world…and the harp guitar rides right along with it!

Thanks to Stephen for plugging both Holloway and!

  1. Bob Starr Says:

    Got back late this morning from last nights concert in Poway. What a great concert! Wonderful theater with great acoustics! They said it was the best venue they had played in on the tour. It was 100+ mile trip each way for me, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  2. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    Yup…was there at Poway last night. Amazing acoustics. Andy’s new Sub-bass strings had the crowd gasping as they quaked throught the hall (not quacked) . Great format and excellent eclectic musianship (duh). Pretty much had the audience in the proverbial shock and awe! We basically smiled and nodded our head the entire time unsurprised. Beautiful!

  3. Paul Price Says:

    Andy and Antoine will be in Orlando March 24, but sadly no Stephen. I guess the first weekend in November will suffice.

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