Just over a year ago, I reported on the (then recent) aNueNue harp ukuleles that were taking the world by storm.  Apparently, they did a batch of 80(ish), sold out, and then reluctantly, did another batch, which also sold out.  Last I heard, that was it.  I managed to buy one for myself (which I later sold, as there was such demand), and then the very last wholesale instrument in stock, which again I soon sold.

I wish I had more harp ukes to offer!  And so I do.

Duane Noble sent me the first of his stunning new tenor harp ukes (at left), and I cannot put it down.  I’m realizing that it’s not so much a “super-ukulele,” but a whole new species of  instrument.  I may bring it to the Gathering (if it hasn’t sold).

Meanwhile, Jay Buckey has recently added harp ukuleles (with six subs) to his Ukraine factory line of harp guitars (below, left).  I haven’t seen or heard one, but imagine they’re similar in vibe and quality to his HGs, now a staple on eBay.

Then, just yesterday, a uke pal sent me a link to an eBay listing of this all-koa Michael Dunn baritone harp-uke that I was unaware of!

With all this new and escalating activity, I realized it was time for another update to my 2005 article on harp ukuleles, which I just posted.

I expect tomorrow it’ll be out of date!

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