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July, 2004 "Harpe-guitare
Catalog # 1550 in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum
October, 2004 A Portuguese Knutsen?!

December, 2004

Updated October 2021

The Bohmann Monster
April, 2005 Lyon & Healy's
Monster Bass Harp Guitar
May, 2005 A Dyer Detective Story
August, 2005

Harp Ukuleles

April, 2006

Another 1-of-a-Kind Knutsen Convertible

December, 2006

Harp Guitar: Hybrid with a Heritage

by Duncan Robertson
(from Frets Magazine, November, 1979)

March, 2007

The Oldest Extant Gibson Harp Guitar

by Gregg Miner with Benoît Meulle-Stef

May, 2007

The Mystery Maccaferri

July, 2007

America’s First True Harp Guitar

March, 2008

"Chitarra monumentale"

July, 2008

The Shutt Mando-Bass-Harp-Guitar

November, 2008

Harp Guitar of the Month Double Feature!

A Unique Lacôte Décacorde

 by Françoise Sinier de Ridder
with Gregg Miner

Lacôte / Coste Heptacorde

 by Bernhard Kresse
edited by Gregg Miner

March, 2009

Stephen Bennett’s Great-Grandfather’s Dyer

July, 2010

The House of Stathopoulo Harp Guitar

by Paul Fox

HARP1b.jpg (46296 bytes)

September, 2011

The Grunewald Harp Guitar grunewald-musurgia-s.jpg (17021 bytes)

June, 2013

The Petzval-Scherzer Guitharfe scherzer_guitarrenharfe_bw-t.jpg (17581 bytes)

September, 2013

Weymann Harp Guitar weymann_hg-300-miner.jpg (29106 bytes)

January, 2014

The Harp Guitar of Boris Perott perott_hg-gorelik_small.jpg (27021 bytes)

September, 2014

G. A. Carlson c.1900 Harp Guitar carslon,ga1-miner.jpg (198425 bytes)

November, 2014

Shutt’s Harp Guitar Prototype? shutt10-miner-s.jpg (65587 bytes)

April, 2015

The Legacy of the Cera Brothers

cerahg-mando-grainger_small.jpg (44400 bytes)

February, 2016

Walton’s c.1900 Baritone Harp Guitar walton1-miner.jpg (204976 bytes)

May, 2016

3 Years Later, a new look at HG of the Month #1! hg_demo7-miner-s.jpg (55582 bytes)

June, 2016

Gibson Harp Guitars: From the World's Fair and Beyond! gibson2782-gruhn.jpg (319286 bytes)

August, 2016

Updated June, 2019

Bohmann's Contra Bass Harp Guitars: 
Gargantuan and Groundbreaking!
bohmann11-miner.jpg (165017 bytes)

January, 2018

Milanese Master Luthier Luigi Galimberti galimberti1-miner_small.jpg (70311 bytes)

July, 2018

Tony Biehl Harp Guitar: Ahead of Its Time biehl,newhead1-miner.jpg (87142 bytes)

September, 2018

Combined Feature: Players, Luthiers & Instrument of the Month:
A Short History of the Modern Archguitar

February, 2019

Dyer Harp Mandolins and the Symphony Harp Plectral Ensemble

June, 2019

Part of a Combined Player & HG of the Month:
The Harp Guitars of Emilio Calamara
article2.jpg (287244 bytes)

November, 2019

The Paul Gardie/Harmony Orchestral Harp Guitar

July, 2012

The Behee Lyric Harp Guitar

Completely re-written May, 2021

June, 2021

The Harp Guitars of Mario Maccaferri, Revisited!

June, 2022

Charpentier, Munchs & Louis: The Guitare-multicorde, a Harp Guitar 190 Years Ahead of Its Time!

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