The other day I received in the mail a copy of Kamuke Ukulele Magazine from recent Australian penpal Remco Houtman-Janssen.  A vintage uke collector, Remco put together an eye-catching 2-page spread on his Knutsen harp-ukes.  Alas, it appears one page before the true center spread (interview with Taimane Gardner, who I’m sure deserves it).

Hopefully we’ll gain some more Knutsen fans Down Under and anywhere else Kamuke reaches!

The slim, small-size Kamuke (this is the 5th issue, put out in Australia by Editor Cameron Murray) may be in glorious full-color, but it still just reminds me of how much I miss the classic old black & white pocket-size, but-thick, perfect-bound Ukulele Occasional (and I’m not even really a uke guy).  Thankfully, its editors (Verlinde, Simmons, et al) are going gangbusters with The Fretboard Journal, so I can’t complain.

Uke nuts also have the superior digital Ukulele Player, which I’ve been just too busy to keep up with.  Also, I read online only when I must (speaking of centerfolds, can a digital e-zine technically have one?), so I’m crossing fingers that FJ doesn’t have to go digital-only down the zero-neighborhood-bookstores road …

And before you label me a hypocrite, know that if I could afford to professionally print out my blog and mail it to every one of you, I would!