Greetings, harp guitar fans!

I recently removed most everything I have on Maccaferri from the web site in order to collate and expand it all into a single 100-page PDF book (Click book cover for link).

It’s free for viewing or download to all members.

(Please email me for current password).

Click on the book cover for a full thumbnail sneak peek!


Thomas Nielsen: “Your decision to go with PDF was right and this book is the hammer on the nail in that respect. The content and level of research are as impressive as we have already come to expect from you, but on top of that, it is absolutely gorgeous seen from a production point of view. I read it on my phone driving to our cabin, and then again on a tablet when we got there. Both looked bloody marvellous!”

Nate Blaustein: “Really excellent. Highly recommend give it a read. We do not get harp guitar specific material frequently and this is good stuff!!”