Featured Harp Guitar Lutherie Article

August, 2005

Harp Guitars at Healdsburg

Frank Doucette

March, 2006

Stephen Sedgwick

Brad Hoyt

May, 2006

Arpa Viola Caipira, Part 1: Genesis and Design

Brad Hoyt

July, 2006

Harp Guitars at the
Guild of American Luthiers 2006 Convention

Gregg Miner

October, 2006

Harp Guitar Gathering IV: Luthier's Lecture

Nancy Noe

December, 2006

William Eaton: Instruments for the New Age

(from Frets Magazine, January, 1983)

August, 2007

Shopping For the Perfect Harp Guitar

Frank Doucette

September, 2007

Birth of a Harp Guitar
The Story of Wingert HG1-0207.I.M.4

Frank Doucette

January, 2008

The "Expanded" Harp Guitar -
Adding Possibilities with Super-Trebles

John Doan

July, 2008

Albert Shutt
A Special Combined Feature:
Player, Historical Luthier, and Harp Guitar of the Month

Gregg Miner

August, 2008

Arpa Viola Caipira, Part 2: Construction and Innovation, featuring Luthier Stephen Sedgwick
Brad Hoyt

November, 2008

The Making of "Thor's Hammer"

Rich Mermer

March, 2009

Lukas Brunner and the
World’s First Travel Harp Guitars!

Gregg Miner

May, 2009 Tullio Giulietti and Sons

Roger Belloni
Presented in English and Italian

giulietti,tullio-belloni.jpg (67272 bytes)
July, 2009

Non-Standard Scale Harp Guitars

Gregg Miner

June, 2012

Meet the (Harp Guitar) Maker: Woodley White

Gregg Miner

January, 2018

Milanese Master Luthier Luigi Galimberti

Gregg Miner

laboratorio-galimberti_small.jpg (330521 bytes)
March, 2018

The Tale of the Two Eagles

Benoit Meulle-Stef

July, 2018 Combined Feature: Historical Luthier and Featured Harp Guitar of the Month

Gregg Miner

biehl_scale_compare-miner,mckinkstry-s.jpg (90495 bytes)
September, 2018

A Short History of the Modern Archguitar

Gregg Miner

ag-thumb.jpg (114327 bytes)
November, 2019 Six Decades of Listening to Wood Sing

Michael O'Brien

o'brien-article.jpg (162070 bytes)


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